Wednesday, August 3, 2011

OnwardSRQ connections

While working on this project, I have connected with a lot of interesting people who have been very excited about this project, and have offered a lot of help. The first person I met was an old teacher of mine, Emily Hall. She works at the Mote Marine, and had a lot of very helpful advice as to how to work on the project, as well as how to acquire the information I needed. Later, I met with Elise Lipoff, who works for the Willis A. Smith construction company, the same one that has been doing all the construction work on campus, and in addition to giving me lots of advice on how to carry out this project, she has helped me make some very crucial contacts.

Unfortunately, it has been difficult getting many other people to respond to my emails. I think the fact that the project is still in its infancy, and that its summer and everybody is either busy or away from the office, I won't be getting many replies this summer. However, that gives me more time to build up the site, and hopefully have somethign really awesome to show them when I do get in contact with them.


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